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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pony frenzy!

 I finally get around to showing you what I worked on for several weeks. In the end I could hardly enjoy it, I finished four large ponies, but I still have three small ones waiting to be completed. I lacked time and motivation, so they will be finished for Christmas.

I had come across this pattern from Knit one Awesome via Pinterest and was determined to give it a try. 

Getting the eyes ready
Let's take a run!

The hard work was completely worth it though, the four girls who received those ponies were so happy!! The look on their faces when they discovered them was priceless!

So as I said, I'll be finishing three little ones for Christmas and I am also planning on making two more for my son who feels a little left behind without any pony.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Un mot, des titres - session 34 : Après

Pour notre lecture des vacances, Calypso nous avait proposé le mot "Après". Cette fois-ci je n'ai pas eu besoin de beaucoup réfléchir. J'ai su immédiatement ce que je devais lire:

Vingt Ans Après, Alexandre Dumas

Les Trois Mousquetaires est mon livre préféré. J'en ai déjà parlé, je le lis tous les ans, voire plusieurs fois par ans. Maintenant je choisis mes passages préférés quand je n'ai pas le temps de re-lire toute l'histoire.
Il y a fort longtemps, j'ai lu les suites: Vingt ans après et Le Vicomte de Bragelonne. Je les ai mal lu, rapidement et sans plaisir. Je ne voyais pas plus loin que le bout de mon nez, mes héros n'étaient plus jeunes, n'étaient plus ensemble, voire même mourraient. Je ne pouvais pas l'accepter! Donc depuis environ 15 ans, je refusais de les lire.

Stupide, n'est-ce pas?

Et puis il y a eu ce défi de Calypso. Je me suis dit qu'après tout, pourquoi pas? Pourquoi ne pas re-tenter le coup?

J'ai mis du temps à me lancer et puis j'ai fini par le lire... et j'ai aimé!

Nous retrouvons D'Artagnan, toujours mousquetaires, toujours Lieutenant mais aucun avancement depuis vingt ans, il ne sait pas vraiment ce que sont devenus des amis, il est seul et a le moral bas. La Reine Anne d'Autriche assure la régence pour son fils Louis XIV, avec comme premier ministre, le cardinal Mazarin.
Les événements font que D'Artagnan se retrouve cardinaliste, il embarque dans ses aventures Porthos qu'il a retrouvé fort malheureux malgré sa grande fortune. Et tous deux découvrent leurs meilleurs amis, Athos et Aramis, dans le camp ennemi, le camp des frondeurs. Malgré cela les quatre amis s'aiment et se jurent une amitié éternelle, et de ne jamais tirer l'épée les uns contre les autres.

Je n'ai pas envie de vous raconter toutes leurs aventures, simplement de dire que comme à son habitude Alexandre Dumas nous offre un roman à la fois historique (romancé) et d'aventures. Il va falloir que je me remette le nez dans mes livres d'histoire, je me suis rendue compte qu'il me manque quelques éléments ;)

La prochaine étape? Re-lire Le Vicomte de Bragelonne! :)

En attendant, allez voir ce que les autres ont lu.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Bath toys

Bath toys... Who hasn't had the problem of toys that get mouldy inside because it is near impossible to empty all the water?
Recently I came across a brand Olie&Carol that makes bath toys from 100% natural latex. I am very much interested in those toys and I'd love to get a boat and a duck:

 But I still need to find a shop close to me, or at least an online shop in Germany that would have both in stock.

In the meantime I am getting rid of the other toys and I am not buying new ones. The other day though, I decided to make some new toys for the children's bath time:
T. (2,5yo) tried to practice cutting in a straight line while I made some more advanced stuff ;)
In the end I did not get time to get much done, but at least they have a few elements to play with for now. Elements that include numbers from 1 to 5. At some point I'll make more numbers and letters, as well as signs: + , - , = etc.

What do your children play with in their bath?

Sunday, 30 August 2015

The SC & more n°289: Mini-cupcake necklace

I had planned on making something bigger for this week's challenge (MY! challenge), but I am lacking time, so I whipped up something this afternoon just before dinner: a mini-cupcake. Wouldn't that look sweet in a doll house? I am toying with the idea of making more actually as it only took me about 15min to make it.

The Museum is one click away
How do you like it?
The chain is a little small for me and my daughter was hoping I'd make it for her... I still haven't finished the doll I was supposed to give her for her birthday, so maybe I'll give her the necklace to make buy her patience? ;)

Check out the others' participation there and to know what next week's challenge will be, visit Isabelle on Friday at 8h!

Nightgown refashioning




This nightgown was handmade by someone... I don't even know by whom... and somehow it found its way into our wardrobe but I really did not like the collar. It was far too wide. So I cut it, added a bias tape around and a small ribbon in the middle. N. asked for it to be pink before seeing that I had already chosen the right colour ;) - now she rather like the nightgown and is looking forward to cooler nights to be able to wear it.

Friday, 28 August 2015

The SC & more n°289: Birthday!

I am hosting the SC & more this week! It is quite exciting, I loved to see what everybody was making of the theme I gave them the first time.

This week I say: BIRTHDAY! 

This cake was made by my mother, G. and my sister, B. for my daughter, N. and my nieces, L. and M. The three of them are Frozen fans ;)

This summer was full of birthdays among my family and friends, so let your imagination flow and make something related to that theme! 

Have fun!

Edit: i had forgotten the square picture for the museum. Sorry! I am sorry for the quality, but I am away from the computer...

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