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Monday, 22 June 2015

Popsicle DIY

A week ago I got a really good tip on FB, instead of buying Popsicle sticks in a craft shop or on a craft website, I could go to the local pharmacist and get a whole pack of 100 pieces for just under 2€! On the next day I went to the pharmacist and got myself a pack :)
 I had no immediate plan of using them, but I liked the idea of just having them at home... I am a hoarder, you know. On the same day I put four sticks to soak and left them overnight. They don't bend super easily, but they still fit in a small glass.
Today we are having a rainy afternoon and the children were in a bad mood when we got home from the Kindergarten. So I decided we'd do some craft.

First we made two bracelets:
 And then we made dolls. Just using felt pens and imagination. N. , who will soon be 4yo, was really thrilled and she tried really hard to copy my first doll and after that she just let her imagination loose.
T., 2,5yo, scribbled a bit on two sticks. Although he IS able to draw people now, he did not make any effort at all. He preferred playing with the ones I had drawn already.
We now have a nice little family of dolls, mostly girls in pink though ;)
I also had a wooden box lying around, I quickly glued some fabrics and the dolls now have a house!
Cutting to make children
Time to play!
How do you like them? Unfortunately for me, T. and N. had fun making them, T. enjoyed playing 10min with them, but now the novelty is over and they are moaning again. I so dislike rainy days!!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The SC & more n°279: Dream-catchers

This week Nathalie asked us to make dream-catchers for the weekly challenge. I made one a few months ago for my sister B. who lives in England:
 It was as big as my hand.

I've made one especially for the SC&More this weekend with a large embroidery loop:

With seashells from my grandmother!

And a square picture for the museum, if you follow the link you'll see a lovely collection of dream-catchers!
And if you'd like to participate, check out Isabelle's blog on Friday 8h! A new theme will be given.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Pretty present for a new home

Friends of ours have just bought themselves a flat and have renovated it. They have moved in their new home and have invited us and another few friends to celebrate with them. I thought of bringing them a nice bunch of flowers (pretty common present here in Germany for all occasions! Even babies get flowers for their birthday!), but I am not sure whether my friend does have vases or not. So I went hunting for a pretty one today and got some shiny marbles for the bottom.
It is pretty enough by itself, but I thouht it was lacking a little something, a little bit of ... hmmm character maybe?
So I cut a small length of adhesive lace and put it around the base of the vase. A small discreet touch, a little bit of personalisation. Do you like it?
And the final touch was to write with porcelain pens at the bottom of the vase. It won't be seen by anybody but the owners when they clean their vase, but I wanted to write the date as a small reminder of when they moved in their Home.

We will get the flowers tomorrow and we are very much looking forward to visiting our friends tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The SC & more: Telephone

This week, the theme Isabelle gave us was: desk/office accessorise. I decided to make a phone for my children. There are many things I could need for my own desk, but somehow I could not think of any at the right time!
I saw a few "retro" phones on Pinterest and decided to let them inspire me ;) but I drew my own pattern, I did not copy anyone's.
Getting organised
Getting the plastic insert ready
But then I had to fold it back to get it in
Filling with batting

Picture for the Museum
As soon as the children got home, the phone started ringing. So I take it they liked what they found on their little desk.
The whole phone was rather easy to make, the crocheted part took a little too long for my taste though and was rather unpractical, the electric cord should have been attached at the back of the phone, but I remembered about it far too late. Nevermind, it still works ;)

Don't forget to check out the others' creations!

Monday, 8 June 2015

The SC & more n°277: Joan of Arc

This week the theme is "Sweet France", I found an old picture of myself when I was 9yo.
Summer 1993
 I played being St Joan of Arc most of the time, wearing an old petticoat from my Grandmother, riding a paper horse on a stick, and holding a flag of France tainted with grass and blackberries - I know, NOT the right colours, but I did what I could with what I had at hand ;)

Joan of Arc has always been my "favourite" Saint. I find her life very inspiring.
The books I have been reading since my childhood ^^
 My first idea for this week's challenge was to recreate the picture, but one week is a little short for me to organize myself, find the sticks, get colours, taint the fabric etc. But I really wanted to do something with St Joan of Arc.

Then I remembered vintage frames that I have in my DIY drawer and thought it would be nice to have picture of St Joan, second patron saint of France (the first being Our Lady of the Assumption). I also decided that I wanted a picture of St Genevieve, the saint patron of Paris. After all, I was born in Paris :)

So I looked for nice images online, printed them on thick paper (Canson type). With the same paper I made a smaller frame which I painted in silver for St Joan and in copper for St Genevieve.
I blocked the pictures at the back with pins and tadaaaam:

We now have new pretty pictures for our "Prayer corner" and I love their vintage look. 
How do you like them?

Square picture for the Museum
Don't forget to follow the links to see the other creations, there are some very pretty things!

Friday, 5 June 2015

The SC & more n° 277: Douce France

Bonjour à tous! 

Cette semaine c'est moi qui ai le grand plaisir d'héberger le défi des Serial Crocheteuses d'Isabelle.

Je suis expatriée en Allemagne et comme parfois la France me manque, pour l'occasion j'ai envie de vous proposer comme thème les paroles de Charles Trenet:
"Douce France, 
Cher pays de mon enfance"

Êtes-vous inspiré(e)s? Alors c'est parti! Vous avez jusqu'à jeudi 19h :) et n'oubliez pas de publier une photo carrée pour le musée.

Hi everybody!
This week I  have the pleasure of hosting the weekly challenge from Isabelle: The Serial Crocheteuses.

I am french but live in Germany. Sometimes I miss France and that is why I chose to use lyrics from Charles Trenet for our theme:

"Sweet France,
Dear country of my childhood"

Are you inspired? Then let's go! You have until thursday 19h to participate :) and don't forget to publish a square picture for the museum.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Un Mot, des Titres - Session 32: Peau d'Âne

Ce mois-ci Calypso nous avait donné le mot "Peau" pour le challenge de lecture. J'ai donc voulu essayer de changer mon opinion (désastreuse) de Maupassant en re-essayant de lire "Peau de Chagrin". J'ai lamentablement échoué et ai de nouveau abandonné ce livre avant la fin du premier chapître. Je n'y arrive décidement pas.

Mais du coup il me restait très peu de temps (24h) pour trouver et lire un autre livre. L'inspiration m'est venue grâce à mes petits loups qui lisent "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" en ce moment. J'ai donc pensé à relire un conte de Perrault:

Peau d'Âne
 J'ai reçu ce livre il y a fort longtemps, c'est un coffret de 4 gros livres de contes et poésie. J'aime les lire et les relire.
Les illustrations sont superbes, ce sont des gravures de Doré, Staal et Bertolli. Tout le monde (ou presque) connait l'histoire de cette magnifique princesse dont la mère meurt en faisant promettre à son mari de ne se remarier qu'avec une femme de beauté supérieure à la sienne. Le roi finit par décider que seule sa fille est digne de se marier avec lui. La princesse est horrifiée à cette idée et demande de l'aide à sa marraine la bonne fée. Après plusieurs tentatives pour faire échouer le plan du roi, finalement la princesse en vient à s'enfuir déguisée sous une peau d'âne. Elle devient très sale et pauvre, mais parvient à se faire embaucher dans une ferme pour aider à toutes les besognes ingrates.
Finalement un prince va la remarquer, tomber amoureux d'elle, et après quelques petites péripéties, vous vous en doutez, nous avons une "happy end". Elle se marie avec le prince et revoit même son père. Par contre l'histoire ne nous dit pas si le roi va finir par se trouver une autre femme.
J'aime beaucoup les contes de Perrault ainsi que les suivants dans ce livre (ceux de Mme de Beaumont par exemple), les versions originales sont un peu plus "crues" que les versions édulcorées que l'on trouve dans les livres pour enfants, mais je les trouve aussi plus simples et allant droit au but.

Et puis mon partage aujourd'hui c'était surtout pour les gravures que je trouve simplement superbes.

Bon mois de juin à tous et rdv dans un mois et demi avec le mot "nous"!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The SC & more n°276: It's tea time!

This week Isabelle gave us the theme "goûter", this french four o'clock meal that even adult cannot do without ;)

Today I went to a market in town, the Stoffmarkt Holland. A market where fabrics and sewing material are sold. It comes twice a year to Dresden and it is crazy. Last time I went with husband, children and parents-in-law. It was stressful. So this time I went by myself. In the meantime A. made a cake with the children:
 A sort of sweet pizza dough topped with apple pieces and dough crumbs. It looks and smells delicious!

My part of the challenge was in crochet:
 N. and T. are really happy to get new biscuits for their play-kitchen. It was fun to invent them and work without pattern. I really starting to get the hang of some techniques (such as when and why use a BL Only stitch). That's makes it really interesting to crochet.
A picture for the museum

Bon appétit to all: old & young human-beings and dolls ;)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mealtimes and organisation

Been busy last night and today. My children are 2,5 and almost 4yo and they are starting to dislike wearing bibs at meal times. Even the ones my mother made that look more like napkings with an elastic band do not satisfy them entirely.
We also don't have that many "grown-up" napkins, so I decided to make a few. I have enough fabric for that!
I decided to make them a little over-sized to be able to bind them around the children's necks: 50 x 50 cm.
I now have SIX more napkins.
Four with Winnie the Pooh
Two with garden themed motives
 Now sewing new napkins is fine, but there is one thing that is currently driving me mad and it was high time I did something about it: the bibs lying around on the ground because somehow they can never be put properly on the chair or the table.

So in addition to the napkins, I made little pouches:
I will make two more but without Winnie the Pooh since they will be for my husband and I  ;)

Material used: denim fabric, cotton fabric, machine thread and KAM press-studs. It would have gone quite quickly without my little ones running around, switching off my machine every now and then, fighting, asking for things etc... but on the whole I'd say it was still a good work for the day. I will try to finish my task tomorrow. If they are worth it, I'll even show them to you!

Have a lovely evening!