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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

15 and a half years...

 Fifteen and a half years, this is how long it took me to finally finish a knitted scarf. I never really took to knitting, but somehow this project was always there and I never even thought of unraveling it to use the yarn for something else. I still like the colours and they kind of fit with my current clothes. Yeah!
Basically I met a french lady a couple of months ago, we hit it off and she told me how much she likes knitting. 
 She gave me enough encouragement and motivation to actually finish it. I didn't have much left to do, neither did I have much yarn. So I completed the last pink part, cast off and crocheted the two ends together. 
 Instead of making a scarf, I made a loop. How about that?

 I am pleased with myself: my project is finished! I have the needles free again. And to be honest, I was so proud and happy that I started a new knitting project right away! It is currently on hold because I need more yarn, but when I am on it, it goes quite fast and the knitting is fairly even. I am using bamboo needles and find them very comfortable.

Let's see if I can finish this second loop before the end of the year, that'd be a tremendous improvement on the first one :)

Wishing you all a lovely day

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dragon Blanket

 Several months ago I discovered a great pattern thanks to Pinterest, from MJ's off the Hook the Dragon Blanket! It looked amazing and a friend of mine asked me to make one - child size. It did take me a little while because I was juggling many things at the same time, but the result was well worth it, despite a few small mistakes (things I'd do differently another time).
I used  yarn from Schachenmayr, the Big Bravo Color (Feuer). I just think it is gorgeous, those warm red colours with glimpses of yellow and purple.

I love it!

I will probably be making some mermaid blankets some time soon as well. I love how quickly they build up and how they look. My children are very keen on getting their own blankets ;)

Monday, 1 February 2016


My father is rather fond of All-sorts, those british sweets made mostly with liquorice. For his birthday I gave him some of a special sort: I crocheted them!

Through Pinterest I found this lovely dutch website and used the instructions on there. I do not speak dutch, but once a few words of vocabulary are sorted, the rest comes fairly easily. 
I went to get a pretty glass container to store and present them nicely:
I just love the result!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Crochet food

 I am starting to have a lovely stash of colourful yarn, I mostly have cotton yarn. I love working with cotton and making toys for the children. I also had a lot of fun making those pictures with my new camera (Samsung NX3300). The colours are so rich:

I made this play-food set for my Godchild. I think she likes them very much. After Christmas her Mum told me that she was spending every day "eating" macaroons and chicken! 

 And for my children I made a cauliflower. I couldn't resist the temptation when I saw the pattern in a friend's book!
It was a rather long effort but well worth it. I think soon I'll post an article on crochet books. There are really nice ones!

I now own about 4 or 5 crochet books and with checking out Pinterest, I certainly don't lack inspiration! Just lacking time ;)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Pony House

Hi everybody!

It has been a month since I last posted, I am truly sorry about that! Things have been pretty hectic since Christmas. My youngest has started going to the Kindergarten, I have been getting ready for my new job starting in February and trying to get some stuff done around the flat in the meantime... Plenty of things for me to do! 
I kept crafting in the meantime but I didn't find enough time to write about it.

I do not want to abandon my blog though, so I will try to make an effort in the next days or weeks to get back to writing more regularly.

I will start today by showing you what I made for N. She has a thing for ponies at the moment (Filly and My Little Pony), and she needed a place to store them. I thought I'd make some fun storage that she could also played with. I got an old nightstand from a neighbour and started remodeling it.
The children also took some part in preparing the house. I found some kits for assembling doll furniture. They both had a great time making them!
 The colours of both carpets and walls were actually chosen by N. She wanted the house super-colourful and bright.
 And after two weeks or so, the ponies did move in and enjoyed their new abode.
How do you like the house? I rather like it but I think I will need to work on some lights for next winter. Play time in dark winter wasn't too great with just the ceiling light from the bedroom.

Have a pleasant evening and drop by again soon, I promise I'll be writing again :)

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

I haven't been very present on my blog these last weeks, sorry about that! I was pretty busy with all sorts of things: presents, viruses and bacterias, sorting out details for my youngest going to the Kindergarten in the new year etc.

But now it's Christmas and I am sending you all my best wishes. 
Whereever you are I hope you will celebrate this wonderful time of year in peace and with the love of your families and friends.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The SC & more n°302: La Vie en Rose

Isabelle wants us to see Life in Pink with week. It is my favourite colour! I am quite busy these days, getting everything sorted for Christmas (23 days to go before Christmas Eve!!) so I only made something really small:

 This macaroon is about 3 to 4 cm wide :) It will soon go and colour up a little girl's play kitchen.

And because I really cannot say "La Vie en Rose" without humming this song, I am sharing it with you:

Check out the other participations in the museum.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The SC & more n°300: Notebook

This week is the 300's edition of the SC & more, isn't that a great number? Isabelle is taking part in a Creativity Fair and asked us to prepare blank notebooks to make notes and drawings on our visit. Unfortunately I am nowhere near Paris and cannot visit this amazing looking fair. I also don't need a notebook as I have several already.
Christmas time is coming soon though, so I thought of making my children a notebook each for Mass on Sundays.

The drawing on the right is from Tante Menoue
A blank notebook would not make sense for my almost 3yo and my 4yo, they have one each already, a second one would be useless. Instead I alternated coloring pages with blanks pages. I found the drawings online, the very last one is from Tante Menoue who does amazing religious drawings and objects.

In our family Christmas isn't just about the presents, and there is no Santa coming. We celebrate the birth of Jesus and I am rather keen on presenting the children with religious images and stories. That does not mean we avoid non-religious stories, far from it! We have books about Santa, but for the children they remain stories.

I hope you like my little booklets. Go and have a look at the others' creations, there are some really nice ones!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Markets and online sales

Hi everybody!

Temperatures are finally slowly going down here in the east of Germany : 14°C instead of the almost 20°C we had last week. We are going to have a shock on the weekend though when it gets to almost 0°C and when the first snow flakes will start falling down!

We are supposed to get our very first snow on Sunday, just when I will be participating in my first Christmas Market of the year! Yeah! I'd better dress really warmly in order to survive the almost 8 hours out there!

That said, I want to share a few links with you today:

First, a link to a new page on this blog: my products catalogue. I have tried using DaWanda, but I don't really like it so much. So I am giving a go to online sales via my blog:

Second, a link to my Facebook public page. I believe one can have a look at it without being registered on FB, is that a correct assumption?

In any case, I hope you will like what you'll find there. Do not hesitate to spread the word and share!

Wishing you a good day

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The SC & more n°299 : Kawaii

 This week Nathalie wants us to "aaaaawwwww" her with sweet things. Her chosen them is "Kawaii" which apparently means "cute". I'll take her word for it :)

I am currently very busy preparing for two Christmas markets (on the 22nd of November and 5th of December) and I decided to try something new which I find super cute: Christmas tree decorations for the knitters.

I present you my mini-knitting kits! Aren't they really sweet? Totally "Kawaii" or not ?

For the Museum
Knitting needles: about 2,5 cm big!

 I like them so much that I hardly want to sell them. I am very much hoping a few will be left over, if not then I'll have to make a few more ;)

Let's see on Friday what Isabelle will ask us to make. I missed last week's Panda challenge, I hope I won't miss another one!